Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce bring parades to the children

On Saturday, Dec. 19, the Rotary Club of San Benito held its last event of the year, dubbed, “Santa Claus is Cruising Through Town”.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is the first time this event was organized. Typically, San Benito hosts its annual and extraordinarily popular Christmas parade, but the rise of COVID-19 cases caused the city to cancel this year’s parade. The parade also wouldn’t follow the COVID-19 restrictions.
“We wanted to bring Santa to the children in our community,” said Linda De La Rosa, member of the San Benito Rotary Club.
According to De La Rosa, the San Benito Chamber of Commerce also partnered with the Rotary Club to put this event together. The city was divided up into six zones. There were also six people dressed as Santa Claus, one person dressed as the Grinch, and one person as Mrs. Claus. Parents and children lined up and took photos and videos with the Santa Claus caravans.